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'Civitas' Pecorino Terre di Chieti IGP 2019 Lunaria Demeter

powerful & harmonious
The grape variety Pecorino is cultivated mainly in central Italy along the eastern Adriatic coast of the growing regions of Marche and Abruzzo, to the inland regions of Umbria and Lazio. With the manageable total vineyard area of ??213 ha, it is feared that the grape variety will soon disappear completely from the vineyards. Distinct scent of dried apple, flowers and a hint of herbal liqueur. Also spicy in the mouth, juicy with fresh, citrusy acidity..

7,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
10,53 € per 1 l
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Alta Alella Pansa Blanca, D.O. Alella 2018 White Wine Organic Wine

fresh & easy
Wonderfully fresh and grassy, while maintaining full fine spice. Banana, pineapple and stone fruit. Where is the sea?

11,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
15,87 € per 1 l
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Azienda Vaccaro Catarratto 2019 IGT Terre Siciliane Bio Weißwein

light & fresh
A bit exotic, citrusy, a bit creamy, very fine-tasting with a lot
Melting. Powerful and long-lasting. Old grape with a lot of taste,
moderate acidity and yet fresh and with mineral pressure.
Goes well with antipasti, seafood, fish, vegetables

8,70 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
11,60 € per 1 l
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Azienda Vaccaro Catarratto-Zibibbo 2019 IGT Terre Siciliane Bio Weißwein

fruity & harmonious
Zibibbo is one of many synonyms for Muscat vines. Presented accordingly
the wine in combination with the structured-mineral Cataratto very
Graubig, fragrant, too exuberant, but never fat or intrusive.
Fits the Asia-u. südital. Kitchen, fish, lemons

9,00 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
12,00 € per 1 l
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Azul y Garanza Salvaje Naturaleza Blanco DO Navarra 2019 Weißwein Biowein ungeschwefelt

Complex & wild
Orange wine. Long maceration time, unfiltered, unadorned and without
Sulfur addition vinified. Orange zest, ripe Boskop, pear.
Anise and fennel. Monstrously fresh mouthfeel, salty, very expressive.
Unconventional and delicious!
At table almost universally applicable.

15,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
21,20 € per 1 l
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Belcante Sauvignon 2018 Weißwein Bio

light & fresh
Aromatic, full-bodied and yet typical grassy and after elderflower
fragrant Sauvignon . Fine acidity and minerality make the wine so beautiful
long and invigorating.

8,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
8,50 € per 1 l
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Bio- Weißweinkiste Europa / 6 Flaschen

full-bodied & elegant

In every glass a bit of Europa sun taste.

61,90 € 65,40 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
13,76 € per 1 l
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Organic white wine list France / 6 bottles

light & elegant

A wine journey through France with various organic white wines to enjoy

69,90 € 73,40 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
15,53 € per 1 l
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Organic white wine list Italy / 6 bottles

light & fruity
A small wine journey through Italy with light and fruity organic white wines.

57,90 € 61,20 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
12,87 € per 1 l
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Organic white wine list Spain 6 bottles

full-bodied & elegant

In every glass a bit of Spanish sun taste.

59,50 € 62,10 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
13,22 € per 1 l
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Blanc de Brau, IGP Pays d'Oc 2019 White wine organic wine

fresh & easy
Juicy and creamy, full of flavor and yet slender and delicate. Exciting combination of Chardonnay and Roussanne

9,80 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
13,07 € per 1 l
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Blanc de New D.O. Alella White Wine Organic Dessert Wine 2016

fruity & sweet
A poem from the Pansa Blanca grape (Xarello). Late hand-picked and she offers us a graceful, mature bouquet, full and fruity sweetness to enjoy savory tapas and desserts.

Spanish dessert wine

26,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
71,73 € per 1 l
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Boucabeille La Régis Blanc 2018 Vin de Pays des Côtes- Catalanes Weis Bio

Wine Region France / Languedoc-Roussillon / Domaine Boucabeille

light & fresh

A wine spicy, fragrant and full of game and pineapple and pear with lots of minerality. High positions with cool nights tame the powerful sun of southern farming zone of France.

Served with barbecued fish

10,70 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
14,27 € per 1 l
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Cabrina del Sur Chardonnay DOP Alicante 2018 Weißwein Biowein

animating & fresh
Typical Chardonnayaromatik, banana, honey and lychee, however light and very
fresh with delicate and carrying acid. Great taste with little alcohol.
At table almost universally applicable.

5,60 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
7,47 € per 1 l
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CantaRide Soave DOP Soave 2018 Weißwein Bio

fresh & easy
Subtle and with floral aromas. Garganega and Trebbiano show themselves fresh and fresh Playful to light pasta and fresh vegetables. A fine drop for the early Evening on the terrace..
5,80 € 6,10 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
7,73 € per 1 l
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