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Bodegas Cerrón El Cerrico Airén 2016 Weißwein Biowein

powerful & concentrated
An Airen made from vines over 100 years old. Deeply rooted and gnarled on very limy soils. You can see that even in the deep amber-colored wine. Fermented on the mash,
partly matured in amphorae and manually filled, labeled and packaged. A Wine with almost all its tannins and ripe nut aromas and dignified. He wants to be drunk with patience and after ventilation.
Goes well with braised meat / vegetables and ripe cheese

62,52 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
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Alta Alella Pansa Blanca, D.O. Alella 2018 White Wine Organic Wine

fresh & easy
Wonderfully fresh and grassy, while maintaining full fine spice. Banana, pineapple and stone fruit. Where is the sea?

11,60 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
15,47 € per 1 l
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Azul y Garanza Salvaje Naturaleza Blanco DO Navarra 2019 Weißwein Biowein ungeschwefelt

Complex & wild
Orange wine. Long maceration time, unfiltered, unadorned and without
Sulfur addition vinified. Orange zest, ripe Boskop, pear.
Anise and fennel. Monstrously fresh mouthfeel, salty, very expressive.
Unconventional and delicious!
At table almost universally applicable.

15,50 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
20,67 € per 1 l
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Bio- Weißweinkiste Europa / 6 Flaschen

full-bodied & elegant

In every glass a bit of Europa sun taste.

60,34 € 63,75 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
13,41 € per 1 l
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Organic white wine list Spain 6 bottles

full-bodied & elegant

In every glass a bit of Spanish sun taste.

62,90 € 65,80 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
13,98 € per 1 l
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Blanc de New D.O. Alella White Wine Organic Dessert Wine 2016

fruity & sweet
A poem from the Pansa Blanca grape (Xarello). Late hand-picked and she offers us a graceful, mature bouquet, full and fruity sweetness to enjoy savory tapas and desserts.

Spanish dessert wine

26,22 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
69,92 € per 1 l
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Bodegas Cerrón Remordimiento Chardonnay Barrique 2018 Weißwein Biowein

substantial & elegant
Chardonnay, which is not typical of the region, thrives on solid limestone soil.
The vines were grown due to the similar nature of the soil
Chablis selected and placed in the highest areas of the Jumilla. Boy
powerful wine is stored on the lees in French barriques for 10 months (500-
700 liters). Elegant, fresh Chardonnay with subtle wood aromas.
smoked fish, asian spices

10,70 € 11,19 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
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Bodegas Cerrón Todo Sobre Mi Chardonnay 2018 Weißwein Biowein

solid & mineral
Wow, that's Chardonnay! Extremely precise, juicy drinking flow, great precision. Vines from the cold Chablis on the limestone floor of the winery in large
Höhe result in an extremely fine, fruity, fresh wine with hints of apple and lemon. Great minerality.
Wiener schnitzel or chicken

8,70 € 9,37 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
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Cabrina del Sur Chardonnay DOP Alicante 2018 Weißwein Biowein

animating & fresh
Typical Chardonnayaromatik, banana, honey and lychee, however light and very
fresh with delicate and carrying acid. Great taste with little alcohol.
At table almost universally applicable.

5,46 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
7,28 € per 1 l
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Casa Leon Blanco Bag in Box 3l VdlT Castilla Bio Weißwein

light & fresh
Uncomplicated and finely scented Blanco with fresh fruit and subtle acidity.
Goes well with simple tapas and lighter vegetable kitchen
10,53 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
3,51 € per 1 l
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Celler de les Aus Tallarol Natural SSA 2018 D.O. Cava Schaumwein Bio

full-bodied & elegant
Tallarol, a small bird actually, here a fragrant wine from Xarel.lo grapes. Spontaneous agitation in amphorae, without added sulfur. Delicately tasting of pear, almond and tangerine and lingering long in the mouth. At first restrained, then a small sensation on the palate. Wearing Acid Especially !!
Free of sulfur!

19,40 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
25,86 € per 1 l
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Xarel.lo Curios DO Penedès 2018 White wine organic wine

fresh & easy
An organic wine fragrant, delicate and juicy with clean lines. A white wine with a creamy finish and an idea grapefruit.

9,36 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
12,48 € per 1 l
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Falcata Blanco Moscatel Gewurztraminer, D.O. Valencia 2019 White Wine Organic

fresh & easy 
Everything that man expect from these varieties: Rose, honey fragrance and much perfume. But all decent enough to not be intrusive.

7,80 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
10,40 € per 1 l
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Falcata Blanco Mavasia, D.O. Valencia 2019 Weißwein Biowein

fresh & easy 
Floral scents, very expressive in the nose. Floral notes in the mouth, apricot, very long with a clear structure and a deep acidity.
Fits antipasti and light summer kitchen

9,26 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
12,35 € per 1 l
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La Estrella blanco VDM 2019 White wine organic wine

fruity & harmonic
Quick and easy , but not inconsequential , for each day and each Mediterranean buffet . Fresh and heuduftig with moderate alcohol

5,56 €
including 16% VAT. , plus shipping
5,56 € per 1 l
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