Orange wine, also known as amber wine, is a type of white wine made by macerating the grapes with their skins and seeds for a longer period of time. This process gives the wine a deep orange or amber colour, hence the name. Orange wine is not a new invention, but a millennia-old winemaking method originally practised in countries such as Georgia and Armenia. In recent years, however, this wine has experienced a renaissance and is now also produced in many other wine regions of the world.

Orange wine is very different from other white wines. The longer skin maceration not only gives the wine its characteristic colour, but also a unique flavour structure. Unlike most white wines, which are often fresh and fruity, orange wine has a strong tannic structure and a robust flavour profile reminiscent of dried fruit, honey and nuts. In addition, it has remarkable acidity and a long finish, making it an excellent wine for pairing with a variety of foods.

Although orange wine is becoming increasingly popular in the wine world, it is not for everyone. Its unusual flavour and intense colour can be off-putting for some wine drinkers. But for those who are willing to challenge their taste buds and try something new, orange wine can be an exciting and rewarding discovery

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