Casal dos Jordoes

In the valley of the river Torto in...
In the valley of the river Torto in São João da Pesqueira are the vineyards of the family Pinto e Cruz. The side valley of the famous Douro is characterized by extreme steep slopes, slate floors and a tremendous heat. The harvest on the terraced slopes can only be done by hand. The grapes must be brought on mules until the next passable way. Arlindo da Costa Pinto e Cruz has been cultivating its vineyards according to ecological criteria since the beginning of the 90s and was one of the pioneers in Portugal. Here in the heart of the Douro wine-growing region, the family has been producing red wines for 80 years.
Port wine was for a long time only made for home use by the Pinto e Cruz family, as the family was contractually bound to one of the region's large port wine companies. These contracts expired at the end of the last century and the port could be marketed directly. We enjoy these special specialties and currently only bio certified Vinhos do Oporto.
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Casal dos Jordões Douro grd Reserva DOC Douro Rotwein Bio 2011

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28,00 € per 1 l
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Casal dos Jordões Tawny Bio Portwein

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30,27 € per 1 l
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Portwein Casal dos Jordões Bio Spanien

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33,20 € per 1 l
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Quinta da Esteveira DOC Douro Rotwein Bio 2014

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17,33 € per 1 l
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