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Just south of Tarragona, behind the mountains of the Sierra de Montsant, is the eponymous wine region Montsant DOP. With its mineral-rich, sandy soil, it spans almost the annular region Priorat. It predominantly red wines from the vine Carignan and Grenache are produced, but also Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah are felt at home. Whites (Macabeo, Grenache, Chardonnay) are more extras for the big but affordable wines. Away from the sandy soils, the total Montsant shows something Mediterranean as the Priory. This is also reflected in the style of the local wines. Same grape varieties such as the Priory develop in Montsant more accessible, less bulky tannins and a touch less alcohol. Since you can also drink a glass more quiet times, which of course is especially true for our Selenita Cabirol and wines. The Cabirol Grenache Blanc from the way, comes from a vineyard in the neighboring region Terra Alta.
The wines are made ??from the folding back in the region winemaker Toni Coca and our friend and longtime companion Dani Sanchez. The two have teamed up in 2007 to finally be able to launch a biological Montsant working winery in life. After a somewhat chaotic phase with rented wine tanks at other wineries Dani and Toni have settled with their characterful wines. In a small town, they have renovated an old wine cellar completely and turned into a real gem. With simple means Wonderful was achieved, the wines speak for themselves!

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