Chronicle of the estate of the family Stentz...

André Stentz winery / wine region Alsace

Chronicle of the estate of the family Stentz in the village a few miles south of Colmar Wettolsheim dates back to the 1674. André Stentz builds on the traditional Alsatian varietals. On the Domaine is a long experience in organic viticulture (Bio silk 1984) recourse. André Stentz presents his wines as varietal terroir wines with a lot of freshness and aroma. He is involved in the vinification of solid, typical floral wine enjoyment and can be only partially on one of the current trend in Alsace. There is a lot in recent years, the concentration of primary and secondary flavors, even the simple wines invested. This art mastered "our" new wine but also and its Crus and "vendanges tardives" are impressive. The main focus, however, he has decided to emphasize the typical carefree, cheerful character its Alsace wines and the price is not covered for Alsace wine.

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