Winery Poderi di Ghiaccioforte / Wine Region Toscana

"Vines will not spoil it"
The agronomist and oenologist Giacomo Tonino pampered vines do not want to get constantly supplied fertilizer. Organic farming is for the dedicated specialists and estate manager to give the plants time and space for your own healthy development. "An Macro intact ecological system in the vineyard is fundamental," he told us enthusiastically. His wines from the Sangiovese grape is often brittle then seem almost self so soft, harmonious, elegant and fruity to be.The Podere di Ghiaccioforte located on the southwestern edge of Tuscany, the Mediterranean is already smell and almost within reach. Only 20 kilometers separate the Maremma hills, which are grouped around the cozy village of Scansano from the sea. Accordingly, balanced and mild is the climate in this corner of Tuscany - do not compare with the sometimes harsh conditions of the Chianti Classico. The often somewhat barren Sangiovese grapes develop Scansano significantly softer and more supple tannins, the fruit develops generous and embeds itself nonchalantly into the alcohol.

Winzer: Giacomo Tonino                                                           
Gesamtanbaufläche: 15 ha
Böden: Lehm  Kalk                                                                     
Bio seit: 2004
Rebsorte: Sangiovese­(15 ha)

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