Winery Pievalta / Wine Region Marche

The winery Pievalta in the Marche region is 100% Verdicchio and always a complex, sustained pleasure. The vineyards are located on both sides of the river Esino to about 400 m above sea level and arise due to the different soil types, different types of wine. While Verdicchio grapes appear on the calcareous clay soils rather mineral, the grape yield to the right flank of the Esino on sandy soils with tuff layers rather slim, fresh wines. From these documents, the young wines are composed. The San Paolo is a situation wine that is always after a rigorous selection of grapes processed separately and bottled. And this only after he was allowed a good 2 years to mature on his lees.
Since 2005, the Good Pievalta Alessandro Fenino is managed according to biodynamic. The major challenge was the thesis of Nicolas Joly, the Biodynamics helps to emphasize the secondary flavors of a wine. Of these, the Verdicchio grape has plenty, if one now tastes the wines of Pievalta. The normal Verdicchio is a fresh, strong everyday wine that leaves no room for boredom. Verdicchio Dominé impressed us with touching depth and soft, sustainable flavors.

Winzer: Alessandro Fenino                                      
Gesamtanbaufläche: 26.5 ha
Böden: Kalk Sand Ton                                             
Bio seit 2003
Rebsorten: Verdicchio

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