PetNat, also known as Pétillant Naturel, is a type of naturally sparkling wine that is becoming increasingly popular in the wine world. This special wine is made using the ancestrale method, which is considered the oldest way of making sparkling wine. The process begins with the fermentation of the wine in a container, usually a barrel or tank. However, before fermentation is complete, the wine is bottled and sealed with some of the natural sugars and yeasts still present. The remaining fermentation then takes place in the bottle, creating natural carbon dioxide that gives the wine its characteristic fizz.

Pétillant Naturel wines can be made from a variety of grapes and are available in many different styles, from dry to sweet and from light to dark. They are known for their freshness and vibrancy, as well as their often unpredictable and unique flavours and textures that set them apart from other sparkling wines. As they are produced without the addition of sugar, yeast or other substances, they are also considered a natural and authentic expression of the terroir and grapes from which they are made.

Pétillant Naturel wines tend to be less effervescent than other sparkling wines, such as Champagne or Prosecco, and often have a slightly cloudy appearance as they are usually unfiltered. They are also often sealed with a crown cap rather than a traditional cork or wire cage seal, which adds to their rustic and unconventional charm. Despite their growing popularity, Pétillant Naturel wines are still relatively rare and are mostly produced by small, independent wineries that specialise in natural and biodynamic winemaking Methods.

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