The long history of the company "Champagne...

Fleury Courteron winery / wine region Champagne

The long history of the company "Champagne Fleury Pere & Fils" began in 1895. First, the grape growers of the region were only versektet here. In 1901, the own vineyard was added. 1929, the first champagne was made of the farm. Jean-Pierre Fleury began in 1970 as a pioneer in Champagne with organic viticulture. According to the motto "tradition with modern technology and environmental awareness," Jean-Pierre Fleury used for fertilization of vineyards exclusively organic compounds. The tillage is done mechanically and the old tradition. "This is the harmonious balance between air, earth, light and fruit preserved," says Monsieur Fleury. The effects of anthroposophic approach are unmistakable. Consequently, biodynamic agriculture is operated since 1989, according to Demeter standards. The winery has its vineyards in the southern part of the Champagne region, in the area "Barséquanais". The clay and chalky soil, the classic grape varieties Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grow.

Winzer: Pierre Fleury                                                                     
Gesamtanbaufläche: 7 ha
Böden: Lehmartige Hügel, Kreideartige Hügel                       
Bio seit: 1989
Rebsorten: Chardonnay­(0.7 ha), Pinot Noir­(6.3 ha)

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