Azienda Chiusa Grande / Abruzzo

The vineyards of Chiusa Grande lie slightly north of Pescara and are spread over 5 different plots with different soils, different microclimate and altitude above sea level of the Adriatic Sea. About 11 hectares are grouped directly around the modern designed wine cellar. Approximately 200 m above sea level. The soil here is loamy to clayey, heavy and rich in nutrients. Ideal conditions for Chardonnay, Malvasia and Cabernet - of course, here at Nocciano the native Montepulciano grape must not be missed. The highest elevations are at a good 350 m above sea level. NN and produce intense tasting grapes with fresh acidity. In total, the team of Franco d'Eusenio manages almost 70 hectares. Franco's claim can be called holistic, always in search of the all-embracing balance. Since he assumes that there is no objectively perceptible sensory experience, but that it is always a conglomeration of various influences, he has defined his own concept. So you try on Chiusa Grande, the wine tasting as a multi-sensorial experience to celebrate. Franco assumes that every tasting experience is unique. A chance encounter of environmental influences, cosmos, music, colors and the environment in which the tasting takes place. On Chiusa Grande, the wines are tasted in colorful rooms, furnished with fine furniture and in front of wide windows that open up the vast view of the vineyards and reveal the highest peaks of Abruzzo on the horizon.

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