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 The DOP Lugana is exclusively for...

The DOP Lugana is exclusively for white wine is vinified from the local clone of Trebbiano, Trebbiano diLugana, a synonym of Trebbiano di Soave. However, the soils in the DOP Lugana on the southwestern tip of Lake Garda has a strong impact on volcanic and give the wines a little more flavor than the ready Soave is usually develop. What the simple Lugana Bianco Pratello suggests, is exceeded by the mineral and floral Lugana Catulliano.
But what a surprise when one during a visit to the Cantina middle of a small historic village core, the entire range of wines (and boiled with love fruit purees) are presented. On the paths of Amarone di Valpolicella wines are here in a similar way from Cabernet Sauvignon (Ripudiato) and the Rebo grapes vinified (Nero per Sempre). The Rebo is a cross between Merlot and Teroldego grape, its origin lies in the Valtellina. The wines are deep, schwarzbeerige, slightly sweet powerhouses that call for an opulent meal, which should ideally be followed by continued a cozy gathering with friends. Despite all the skill in the Cantina Vincenzo is irrevocably out that good wines are not made ??in his basement, but instead are exclusively the result of careful and biological management of 31 hectares of vineyards.

Winzer: Vincenzo e Cristina di Bertola                                       
Gesamtanbaufläche: 46 ha
Böden: Moräne                                                                               
Bio seit: 1999
Rebsorten: Trebbiano Lugana­(8 ha), Riesling­(5 ha), Manzoni Bianco­(2 ha), Chardonnay­(3 ha), Groppello­(3 ha)
Merlot­(6 ha), Marzemino­(4 ha), Rebo­(10 ha)

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Torrazzo Rosso Valtenesi DOC 2013 red wine

11,50 € *
15,33 € per 1 l
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Pratello Mille 1 , 2015 Vino Wine Bio

15,50 € *
20,67 € per 1 l
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Pratello Lugana Catulliano DOP Lugana 2017 White Wine Organic Wine

11,90 € *
15,87 € per 1 l
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Pratello Chiaretto di Garda Sant' Emiliano DOP San Emiliano 2018 Rosé Bio

11,50 € *
15,33 € per 1 l
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