Vignoble Dauny / Sancerre

In the idyllic small town of Sancerre, which stretches along the upper reaches of the Loire, one inevitably thinks of the traditional white wine made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape, although red and rosé-coloured AOP Sancerre wines are also available there. The uniqueness of Sauvignon Blanc in Sancerre manifests itself in an impressive fusion of characteristic flavours, juicy soil and a pronounced minerality. The renowned Sancerre Blanc can look back on a centuries-long history in which it has always been synonymous with excellent quality.

This also applies to the creations of the Dauny winery. Although Sauvignon Blanc grapes also produce extremely aromatic and unmistakably straight white wines in other regions, it is the consistent, fresh and often mineral-accentuated acidity that characterises them in the moderate Loire climate - a characteristic that Christian Dauny also appreciates. He cultivates his grapes separately in parcels that thrive on different soil structures. While his standard Sancerre is already considered an outstanding example of the region with its typical gooseberry aromas, the wine from the Terres Blanches vineyard is characterised by greater density and fresh, still restrained aromas. The vines are deeply rooted in granite soil, giving the wine impressive longevity and maturity.

Winemaker: Christian Dauny             
Total acreage: 17 ha
Soils: Calcareous marl, limestone, clayey limestone                                        
Organic production since: 1964
Growing regions: Loire
Grape varieties: Sauvignon (13 ha), Pinot Noir (4 ha)

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