The winery Pago Casa Gran is located in a...

Pago Casa Gran / Valencia

The winery Pago Casa Gran is located in a privileged area of the Region of Valencia. After several decades, the owner of the winery Casa Gran, the family Galbis, decided to include the preparation of terroir wines again. The aim of the project is the preparation of quality wines from grapes that thrive near the Bodega and are grown using organic methods. The new facilities of the winery were built that can be dispensed with the use of pumps. Throughout the preparation process, the grapes are not once moved with pumps, but moved with the crane in 20 Hl containers. For the preparation of complex wines with complex aromas indigenous varieties such as Garnacha Tintorera (= Alicante Bouschet) and Monastrell, and foreign varieties, such as Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are used. The vineyards are overgrown with a permanent vegetation cover. In winemaking indigenous yeasts are processed so that the terroir in our wines fully expressed.

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