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Many years ago in the past, we bought our Loire wines from two small producers who in turn bought them from the Cave Coopérative de Oisly, a small town in the Touraine region. The quality was excellent and the relationships were good, but even this small cooperative could not escape the trend of mergers and rationalisation in the early 1990s. An uncertain phase followed, but fortunately it was turned around for the better. The Loire Propriétés producers' cooperative was founded and tried to build a new organisation. At first we were sceptical about the anonymity of a large organisation. Today, however, we know that even larger structures can be fair and sustainable and act in the interest of their partners and employees. Part of the mission statement is to assume a social responsibility for the region, which is not just made up. After all, our consumers have a legitimate desire for good, safe and healthy products at reasonable prices, and ecological conditions are a reality. We are therefore committed to constantly evolving and being accountable for the impact of our activities. Loire Propriétés sees itself at the service of wineries, winegrowers and their families and employees. They currently market wines from around 2,000 hectares of vines, most of which extend west of the beautiful city of Orléans to the Muscadet region at the mouth of the Loire. Our current portfolio includes Sauvignon from Touraine, a smooth Rosé d'Anjou and the trendy Crémant de Loire.

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