Grenache blanc

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Azul y Garanza Salvaje Naturaleza Blanco DO Navarra 2019 Weißwein Biowein ungeschwefelt

Complex & wild
Orange wine. Long maceration time, unfiltered, unadorned and without
Sulfur addition vinified. Orange zest, ripe Boskop, pear.
Anise and fennel. Monstrously fresh mouthfeel, salty, very expressive.
Unconventional and delicious!
At table almost universally applicable.

15,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
21,20 € per 1 l
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Boucabeille La Régis Blanc 2018 Vin de Pays des Côtes- Catalanes Weis Bio

Wine Region France / Languedoc-Roussillon / Domaine Boucabeille

light & fresh

A wine spicy, fragrant and full of game and pineapple and pear with lots of minerality. High positions with cool nights tame the powerful sun of southern farming zone of France.

Served with barbecued fish

10,70 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
14,27 € per 1 l
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Chateau La Canorgue blanc, AOC Cotes du Luberon 2019 White Wine Organic

full-bodied & elegant 
A white wine of powerful and stoffigen kind, but enough freshness and agility has to not to be too heavy. An organic wine is very long in the mouth and even longer in the heart.

13,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
18,53 € per 1 l
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Domaine Boucabeille Rêve d'Amour SSA IGP Côtes-Catalanes 2018 Rotwein Bio

Wine Region France / Languedoc-Roussillon / Domaine Boucabeille

strong & full-bodied

Mineral and precise; From the slate. Unsulphured, not watered, almost without interfering with the wine becoming. 100% Grenache blanc, unadulterated, direct & delicious. Appears with feel and mouthfeel, not with fruit. Charming, aromatic, spicy. Vinified in a wooden barrel. At table almost universally applicable.


21,30 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
28,40 € per 1 l
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Mas Igneus Fa 104 blanc D.O.Ca. Priorato 2017 White Wine Organic

fruity & elegant 
100% Grenache blanc, fermented at 15 ° C for four months in new oak barrels. Aromas of ripe pineapple, lychees and melon. Velvety fruit tired and elegant. Acidity, tannins and body in perfect harmony. Absolutely amazing!

21,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
29,20 € per 1 l
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Mas Igneus Reneixer blanc D.O.Ca. Priorato 2017 Weißwein Bio

bodied & elegant
On the nose a great harmony of earthy flavors with almost oriental notes of Cardamom and anise . The fruity freshness of pineapple and lychees dancing powerfully on the tongue. Old Garnacha Blanca vines give a lot of depth and a certain Something.

17,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
23,33 € per 1 l
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Vitis Azul y Garanza Blanco DO Navarra 2018/19 Organic White Wine

light & fresh
Pineapple , grapefruit , green apple with moderate acidity and powerful aromas .
A blend of Viura ( Macabeo ) and for the full body Garnacha Blanca

8,10 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
10,80 € per 1 l
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