Cantina Sociale Sannitica / Umbrien

Cantina Sociale Sannitica is a prime example of the love for authenticity and honesty in winemaking. With an impressive history spanning over 60 years, this winegrowers' cooperative, made up of 400 dedicated winemakers, has secured a distinctive place in the wine world. Situated on the calcareous slopes of the Majella, an area known for its excellent conditions for viticulture, they produce a variety of wines that will make the heart of any wine lover beat faster.

However, Cantina Sociale Sannitica is not only specialized in the production of colorful and elegant Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. The focus is equally on maintaining the optimal conditions for growing high quality wines. Here, expertise and passion go into producing wines that reflect the terroir. The winemakers of this cooperative consider themselves part of the terroir and work hand in hand with nature to create wines that represent the heart of their philosophy.

This philosophy and the excellent quality of their wines have left a lasting impression on us. We are convinced that our guests will also appreciate the work and dedication that goes into every drop of wine. Cantina Sociale Sannitica stands for genuine, honest wine that combines the best of nature and man. It is a real pleasure to enjoy their wines and experience the history and passion that is in every glass.

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