Weingut Pfannebecker

The Pfannebecker winery is often called 'Der Burgunderhof' (The Burgundy Farm) by the inhabitants of Pfeddersheim, just outside the historic city of Worms. This name has become established because, in addition to Riesling and a few lesser grape varieties, it is primarily Burgundy varieties that are cultivated by the Pfannebecker family. Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are the specialities of this three-generation winery. Susanne and Max Pfannebecker, together with their parents and grandparents, have been cultivating their 20 hectares of vineyards here since 2007, certified organic, and with great skill and patience in tending their vines. Max Pfannebecker is convinced: 'The wine cannot be better than the grape from which it is made'. The convinced organic winegrower has also followed this conviction in the hot summer of 2018. Max and his father Holker pruned the vines only extremely carefully in spring and summer and hardly defoliated them at all. This way, each berry had its own sunshade in the form of a few leaves and could ripen in peace. Fermented with natural yeasts and stored on the lees, the sun-drenched grapes of the 2018 vintage became fresh wines full of character. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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