The lands of Quinta do Romeu are located about...

Quinta do Romeu

The lands of Quinta do Romeu are located about 160 km east of Porto in the province of Braganca in the DOP Douro. The river is located a few kilometers further south, but since the characteristics are very similar to those directly in the valley, this island was assigned to the DOP Douro. An island is the Quinta do Romeu but also in other ways. 5000 hectares of cork oaks make up by far the largest share of the land, since the 150 hectares of olive trees seem small, the 25ha of vineyards, spread over some parcels around the village of Jérusalem de Romeu like very small islets. On the whole area there is either wild oak or organic certified agriculture. There is certainly no unwanted influence of conventionally working neighbors, especially as the Meneres family has been working biologically since 1997 and has been completely certified since the beginning of this millennium and follows the ideas of biodynamic working methods in many work processes. In addition to the conscious renunciation of 'chemical aids', the owners follow at least since the 'Carnation Revolution' a holistic and socially fair idea in their work and with their employees. Of course, the Quinta do Romeu is a landlord of great value and the acceptance of business logic, but in the awareness of social and environmental responsibility and sustainability.
Joao Meneres and his team also take responsibility for the well-being of their customers. The olive oils are carefully and patiently worked out, the cold pressing goes without saying. But not only the soft nutty olive oil is often awarded and convincing. The red wines from a rich mix of Portuguese grape varieties (Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Sousão, Tinta Roriz, Tinto Cão and Tinta Barroca) amaze with floral aromas and a clean touch of herbs and moderate alcohol content. The red grapes for the Tintos ripen on dark slate plots, while the white grapes for the Brancos (made from Gouveio, Viozinho, Arinto and Rabigato) mostly grow on slightly lighter quartzitic soils.

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