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Château de Brau
Wenny et Gabriel Tari
FR-11620 Villemoustaussou
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Blanc de Brau, IGP Pays d'Oc 2019 White wine organic wine

fresh & easy
Juicy and creamy, full of flavor and yet slender and delicate. Exciting combination of Chardonnay and Roussanne

9,80 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
13,07 € per 1 l
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Château de Brau Chardonnay Lightly Oaked Vin de Pays Cotes Lastours 2020

full-bodied & elegant
Full, aromatic Chardonnay with fine, harmonic acidity and a discreet scent of exotic fruits. Very delicate wood underlines the exotic aromas.


12,30 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
16,40 € per 1 l
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Chateau de Cuvée Chateau brewing, Cabardes AOC 2016 / 17 Red Wine Organic Wine

fruchtbetront & harmony
Mediterranean aromas of Syrah meets silky elegance and suppleness of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in this organic wine. A nice red wine of the South full of concentration and flavor.

9,60 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
12,80 € per 1 l
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Chateau de Brau Cuvee Exquise, AOC Cabardes 2016 Red organic wine

harmonious & elegant
Red wine with a complex blend of future and has matured six months in barriques. An organic wine is characterized by its dark, brilliant red brick. In harmony with the taste of toasted coffee and a hint of juniper.

12,40 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
16,53 € per 1 l
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Pure Syrah Vin de Pays 2020 red wine organic wine

fruity & harmonious 
Juicy wild berry fruit, dark and finely spicy. Herbal notes of sage and laurel. Long and elegant and not bulky.

11,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
15,33 € per 1 l
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Chateau de Brau rose,AOC Cabardès 2020 Rosé

fresh & easy
An organic wine with a bright pink tone and a touch of subtle raspberry aromas in the nose. A taste of ripe red fruit from our garden. Simply fresh and balanced and just right for a nice summer evening.

9,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
12,67 € per 1 l
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Cuvée Les Compagnons , Vin de Pays Oc 2016 Red organic wine

strong & full-bodied
Blend in a purple organic wine from the "Friends" of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet. Deep rich fruit and accessible youthful tannins. A robust red wine drinkable and companion to red meat.

7,90 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
10,53 € per 1 l
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Pure Cabernet Franc 2013 Vin de Pays wine organic wine

fine & fresh
Fine, unobtrusive and fresh, the Cabernet Franc presented with a touch of butter and spices. For lovers of delicate wines.

11,00 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
14,67 € per 1 l
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Pure Cabernet Sauvignon, Vin de Pays 2019 red organic wine

haromatic & lively
Young, fresh and fine aromatic, this wine presents from relatively young vines. Not so deep and spicy as some others but for this organic wine Cabernet Sauvignon is very much alive.

10,00 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
13,33 € per 1 l
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Pure Fer Servadou, Vin de Pays 2018 red wine organic wine

fruity & harmonious
A floral scent, while its fine aroma of fresh beef are very opinionated and stimulating. A Beer Flood, currant, raspberry, cranberry and blackberry in the mouth in combination of soft wood and hot chilli are contradictory and fantastic.

11,30 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
15,07 € per 1 l
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Pure Petit Verdot, IGP Pays d'Oc 2015 red wine organic wine

powerful & elegant
Meaty and powerful, with bevelled edges and juicy fruit comes this Petit Verdot typical dunkelbeerig therefore find rare varietals. Pure flat.

14,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
19,33 € per 1 l
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Pure Pinot Noir, Vin de Pays 2018 red organic wine

fruity & harmonious 
The highlight of the "pure" Serie.Totale finesse and fruity freshness characterize this Pinot Noir. It tastes with its cool and subtle flavors all friends of complex red wines.

12,50 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
16,67 € per 1 l
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Pure Viognier Vin de Pays d'Oc 2020 White Wine Organic Wine

fruity & haromonisch
An organic wine fragrant and aromatic, it should be like a Viognier! Without the touch of many überparfumierten Viognier with fun and finesse.

13,00 €
including 19% VAT. , plus shipping
17,33 € per 1 l
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